Friday, October 16, 2009


Calvin broke through his first Toofin! As we call them....(we've made all sorts of new words with a baby around the house). It's the left one on the bottom front. I was an hour late to work this morning because we were up so much last night. I think it actually broke through a couple days ago, but it's starting to just barely come up now and I can feel the one right next to it coming in. He is CRABBY. I'm sure it hurts....but it's making ME crabby too. We've arrived at the "teething phase" officially.

Another note. Calvin is getting so strong and up on all fours rocking back and forth and flipping really quickly. We can't use the little wedges on his sides anymore-they don't work. The last couple weeks I will go in to check on Calvin and he'll be in the very corner on this belly and in other weird places. Last night on two occasions I went in and Calvin was up on all fours rocking back and forth and smiling at me like he was having a grand ol' time crawling around his little crib.

He's starting to get more cuddly too. He'll lay his head on my chest and suck his thumb. He'll sigh and it makes me feel so lovey inside. He actually let me rock him to sleep the other night, which he would never let me do before. It's good and it's bad. Good because I kinda like all the cuddliness. Bad because I can't really lay him down and walk away as much as I used to. He's waking up more in the night too and I think it's because he wants me-or at least wants to nurse anyway. He wants to be comforted more. I read in a book that it's pretty normal at this age for them to go through a phase where they want their mommies more and also to wake up in the night just because they want to nurse. I think it probably makes him feel better when he's teething. They said the best way to get them to keep sleeping through night is to just let them "cry it out". Well, we've tried this method-it's much harder than it sounds. We'll keep trying I suppose.

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Dot Spot said...

I know your pain and joys! It's challenging, but really rewarding to be a mom. : D