Monday, September 21, 2009

6 MOnThs!

Calvin is now 6 months old. We've hit some major milestones lately...First of all about 2 weeks ago Calvin started saying "da-da". Dan had gone on a fishing trip with Brandon, Skye and Jeff for the whole weekend. I know it's hard to believe but I think that he actually missed his Daddy, because he started saying "da-da" by the second day he was gone and hasn't stopped since. My mom and I first started noticing it in the Chick-fil-a drive thru. "Did you just hear what he said?" said my mom. "It sounds like he's saying Dada." and sure enough it got louder and clearer as he repeated "da-da" with a great emphasis on the Da's-just like we say to him.

Also, he has tasted apples and carrots now, and is eating oatmeal regularly. I thought it would be harder for him trying new foods, but so far no problem for this guy. He loves carrots! And the apples- he ate all of them, although he had a very contemplative look on his face the whole time. I can see two little white dots on his gums, he's been crying a lot in the night and has been feverish. I think they should come through in the next week or so-that's my prediction.

I've gone back to work too. The first week was actually kind of nice. I only worked three days and it felt good to get up first thing in the morning, get a cup of coffee and a nice toasted bagel and get showered and dressed before 8am all while my sweet baby was asleep. But week three is now in full swing and all I can say is that I am very very tired. Hopefully I will get used to it soon. The paychecks coming in are nice, but I do miss my Calvie! I am a constant student of sacrifice.

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