Tuesday, September 29, 2009

6 Month Doc Appt.

Calvin saw Dr. Shah yesterday for his 6 month check-up. He is 28 in. long and weighs 19lbs. 3 oz. He is in the 95th percentile for his height and the 75th for his weight! He continues to be one big baby boy! He barely fits into 9 months clothing now!

He had to get his vaccines this visit too. I don't know if anyone else is aware of the debate going on about whether or not there is a link to childhood vaccines and autism but I have been reading a lot about the debate. On one hand, there really is little scientific evidence that says that the vaccines cause autism. On the other hand, parents continue to swear by it, and some doctors say that there is a concern possibly in the amount of vaccines that the infants receive at one time. In many cases, the docs say that the possibility of the child contracting the diseases is greater than the onset of autism.

It still concerns me though, especially with cases of autism in Dan's family. I also work with children with autism and sometimes I'll admit it scares me to think that they really don't know a lot about it or what causes it, yet we continue to see more and more cases. Our schools are busting at the seams with kids with autism. It's pretty crazy. So Dan and I had a discussion about it and decided to spread out Calvin's vaccines. So he didn't get them all at once.

He still has to get the chickenpox and the MMR when he is 12 months old. Those are actually the two vaccines that are in question. We'll see when we come to that bridge, if we cross it, but for now we'll take the advice of a lot of parents and some doctors about spreading them out. That way his immune system doesn't go into overload with the some 7 or 8 vaccines in one visit.

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