Thursday, June 4, 2009

Being a mommy...

I love being a mommy! It has gotten really fun lately because Calvin is smiling and really starting to show off his personality. He is such a good baby. He hardly cries (most of the time) and is just so happy these days. Who knew how wonderful having a child could be? Well some of you already know :) It shifts your whole mindset. Everything is about preparing for the future. "Let's make this room a playroom so when Calvin gets older he can play legos down here." or " Maybe we should fence this part of the fence." or "let's stash that away for Calvin for his college" Everything becomes about them and caring for them for many years to come. I have started to really evaluate my career and goals. I have been wanting to own and operate my own business since I was a little girl (just ask my mom ;) and so Dan and I are seriously pursuing our wedding videography business. Getting a website, logo, cameras.....it's a lot of fun. My thinking is that I'll be able to stay home more with the kids doing it. It's all so exciting for me. You should check out our website: MementoVideography.com I really hope God blesses this pursuit. It is a passion of mine and also a great way to spend more time with my precious baby! Keep us in your prayers about it if you remember....

Cute Calvin moments: The other day I was looking at him and yawned and he yawned right after me! Then he smiled a little smirk that just semed to say "I caught your yawn momma!"

He gets VERY happy after I change his diaper now and smiles with his mouth open real big and a little dimple on his right cheek. He kicks and waves his arms up and down and is so excited. It just melts my heart.