Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Calvin is now 6 weeks old and he is really changing. I noticed it today especially. I took off his clothes and he is actually really chubby. I love him too. Not that I didn't before, but I just feel so close to him, so much in love with his little self. I just want to kiss his little rolls and it pains me to the core when he cries or seems to be in pain or discomfort. I get really defensive while driving or tell others who are driving (....Dan.....) to watch out for every car that might be sneaking out in front of us. I am feeling that motherly instinct I suppose. The natural tendency to protect my offspring ;) I am wondering why I didn't start having children sooner! I love this whole motherhood thing. I am SO grateful to God that I have a wonderful husband to help me through the hard times. We make a great team. I hear good husbands can be hard to come by these days.

I think I felt it the other day. Some of you may know what I mean. I felt "family". I felt that good and right feeling.....sitting there just watching it all play out in front of me. Me holding my sweet baby boy, his soft skin against my cheek and my husband playing tug of war with the dog and us laughing. It is such a wonderful feeling. I feel so privileged to be let in on this new family feeling. It's different than any other feeling in my life. It's what God intended- I just know it. It's us........

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