Thursday, April 2, 2009


Calvin is now 12 days old! I can hardly believe it. Time is really flying by. Coming home was wonderful. I thought I would be more nervous and paranoid of anything happening to Calvin but so far I have been pretty relaxed and confident of my "mommy skills". It is strange but it's like you just know what to do in a way. Dan has been fixing everything around the house and being a huge help with feedings and washing pumps for me. I can tell he's trying to be a great Dad. I've even noticed the Bible laying out and around the house more. It's a new feeling that having a child brings about I suppose. It compels you to strive for new levels of self-control and discipline. It's the big "R" word- Responsibility. But this time the word doesn't have a negative connotation. It's not like having some dreaded obligation, but rather a joyful and very important task entrusted to you by someone greater than yourself.

When we arrived home we heard a knock on the door and 5 huge boxes were sitting on our door-step! We opened them up to find lots and lots of gifts for baby Calvin. What a way to be welcomed home! My Granny and Aunties and step-mom and cousin from Kentucky sent us a "shower-in-a-box" complete with games to play, lemonade and the cutest cookies with little baby feet on them (thanks to Melissa!) Also there was a package with 24 wrapped gifts in it, one for each hour of our first 24 at home. Wow everybody-thank you! We had a lot of fun opening it!

Thanks also to our great family and friends who helped us get moved the day I went into labor. We were all set to move that day and Calvin decided to come! Everyone worked so hard and got us moved in and somewhat organized for our homecoming with the little babe. A special thanks to Diana and Joanie-the new grandmothers who really stepped it up and helped out in so many ways. We had groceries and clean laundry and a nice clean living room without boxes to live in when we returned. It felt like home!

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