Thursday, March 19, 2009

36 weeks

Well I am 36 weeks today! That means that in one more week I will be considered full term!!!! So the baby will be perfectly fine if he comes at any time between now and my due date...(or after- yikes!) This past weekend was the shower marathon weekend. I had one shower on Sat. and one on Sun. One was for my mother's side of the family and the other was for Dan's side of the family plus church friends. It was quite the weekend! It was so good to see everyone. I usually don't get to see my mom's family very much and it was a little smaller crowd (for once) so it was really great to catch up and spend some good quality time with them.

Mary came up for The Deitrich's shower and Heather from Fort Wayne and the Thrasher gang from K-zoo. It was so nice to see everyone together in one room! We played some fun games like guess the candy bar in the diaper which is always a hoot. Especially watching my grandma's face as she opened each diaper and examined the melty mess of chocolate...priceless.

We got so many nice things for our little babe! So many cute clothes....I love how little everything is. Dan came at the end and helped bring the goods up to the baby's room at the new house. We then went through everything together and layed it all out and on his shelves. It was a really sweet moment that I'll never forget. The sun was shining in through the windows and we sat there on the floor looking through one of Dan's favorite books from when he was a little boy. Diana gave it to us to pass on to the baby. It was so sweet to watch him turn every page and light up as he remembered such a treasured story. I can't wait to watch him read it to our son.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


These pics are from our new house!!!!

Wow! A lot has happened since my last post...First of all, I took my maternity leave from work about a week ago. I originally thought that I would go until March 30th, but not so. Work was getting more and more stressful and I kept getting bigger and bigger. Actually the last week I worked our most aggressive kid hit the teacher in the stomach and she had to go into the hospital for three days. She is pregnant as well and she is more high risk than me, but it was still frightening. We also gained another student that is also very aggressive. I just couldn't take it anymore. I went in to the doc for some bad cramping and he wrote me a note to leave a little early due to "physical trauma". I feel much safer now being home and being able to rest and relax.

Speaking of resting. We haven't been doing too much of that. Well, mostly Dan and family and friends. We've been working non-stop on our new house! Yes, that's right we are officially home owners for the first time ever! We got quite a steal on our new place thanks to a bad market :) It is beautiful and exactly what Dan and I have always wanted. It has a loft and a fireplace and an open kitchen and a beautiful view of the ravine and creek. We are so blessed. I can't believe we actually own it and will be moving in soon. It's truly a dream come true. We've painted-everything-doors, windows, closets, walls and trim. Dan, Brandon and brother Matt layed down a nice new ceramic tile floor, courtesy of the Deitrich's. They had a lot of tile left from their own home project. Dan just finished the grout a few days ago and it looks amazing. Not bad for a first timer. Next on the list is the electrical work (thanks to a family friend Robert and his mad skills) and then sanding and resealing the wood floor in the living room. Then finish packing and moving. Thanks Diana and Dan and everybody else who helped, you really worked hard and helped us out a lot!!!!! We couldn't have picked a better time to move eh? Oh well, hopefully I don't come early :)

I am 35 weeks now! It seems so crazy to me. I have felt pregnant forever, but at the same time it seems like only yesterday we just found out. I am ready to get the show on the road though. I've been preparing myself. I have had several Braxton Hicks contractions and some pretty bad cramping in the nights so I'm just taking some extra measures to make sure I'm ready to go. I went to Walgreens yesterday and bought mini toiletries, like shampoo and conditioner and tiny toothpastes (love those tiny things!) I also bought some hard candies which I hear are good for keeping your mouth wet while breathing when I get sick of ice chips. I also downloaded some self-hypnosis recordings and nature sounds music to help me relax. I packed some books and important papers like my birth plan and phone numbers all in my bag and am pretty much ready to go. I think it's been scaring Dan a little bit. I can just tell he's getting kind of anxious. Especialy with the house not quite ready yet. Worse comes to worst we can just stay in this house for a few more weeks until we're ready to move. Hopefully we'll get it done in time though!

Here are some pics that we took so you can see our house and the progress we've made. Just for the record I know I don't fit in that tiny pink shirt anymore but I had no other clothes that I could get paint on, thank you very much.