Sunday, February 1, 2009

Strange Dream...

This morning I had the strangest dream. I dreamt that I was at some hospital with some friends, whom I don't know. I had the option to see my baby in the 4d video. Which we have already had done (see orange pictures below) but this time he would be much bigger and more developed. I was so excited and I went into the little room and somehow he ended up coming out of me and he was sitting there on the table. He turned his little head to look at me and it was the most real experience in a dream ever. I really felt that I was looking at my baby for the first time. His eyes were open and we had this major connection. It was as if I was looking into my own eyes and Dan's eyes at the same time. Like I knew that he was a part of me. I have never felt so in love in such a strange way. He was breathtakingly beautiful. I got to touch him and he had little chubby arms that were so soft! Then the doctor asked me if I wanted to keep him out or put him back in to grow a little more. I remember feeling so torn because now I had met him and couldn't bear to be without him again, but I knew a few more weeks in the womb would be good for him. The doctor said that he was developed enough to stay out and so I think I ended up choosing that.

It was such a strange dream, because it felt so real and almost supernatural. I have had a few dreams in my life where I truly felt that God was speaking to me or showing me something, and this one was right up there with the others. I'm not sure what it means. Maybe it doesn't mean anything other than God revealing to me the joy that lies ahead. I think that this baby is blessed and very special. Maybe he will do great things for God's kingdom....

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