Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Latest Update

Well I am almost 29 weeks now! I can't believe it...only one more week until 30 weeks!!! I had a doctor's appointment last week along with lab results from my glucose screening to see if I have diabetes. No diabetes, thank God, and everything else appears to be fine. My iron is a little low which is probably why I have been feeling so tired. So I need to eat more red meat and leafy vegetables! Also she measured my uterus and apparently the baby is almost two weeks bigger than he should be for how far along I am. It could mean one of three things; my due date is slightly off, the baby just had a big growth spurt or he is just going to be a big baby! I'm thinking he's just going to be a big baby, since I was 8.5 lbs and my brother was 9.5lbs.! Dan was also pretty chubby :) I'm glad because I think chubby babies are adorable!

Other than that, life has been pretty normal lately. I am feeling good and enjoying all the babies' movements. It is such an amazing emotional attachment that is beginning to form between us. At the last appointment the doc was looking for the heart beat using the little sonogram tool on my belly and the baby kicked it! It was a direct hit! I asked the doctor what that was about and she said that the baby can hear it and it's usually pretty loud. So he responded to it! I was so amazed I teared up. That was the first time I felt him actually respond to something like that. He is a little person in there! And he doesn't like loud noises!

We're working on possibly getting our first home at the moment. We are really excited and love the house! It is just "us". The timing isn't the best, but if we get it we'll have a little more than a month to move in before the baby comes. I can't wait to paint the baby's room and get it looking all cute. I want to paint these little whales on the walls that match the crib set we bought. I can't believe that he's almost here!

Pray that I have a problem-free delivery and everything goes smoothly. I am going au natural birth wise so I am getting a bit anxious that it's really gonna hurt!!! I know that I will be okay though. With God's strength I will push this baby out!