Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Latest Ultrasound at 20 weeks-It's a boy!

This is his profile with his face pointing upwards. Do you see his spine?

Another good profile pic. It looks like there is a light illuminating his face from above.
The orange colored pics are the 3-d ultrasound. They look a little scary because he has not gained much weight yet at this age and it is somewhat strange anyway to be able to see the baby this well in the womb! Do you see his little nose and mouth and chin and eyes?
Here he was rubbing his eyes with his hands. I wish I could show you the video of it because it really is amazing.
Here is his little ear and he's shielding his face with his hand again. Camera shy :)
This is the most precious pic of his little hand. Do you see the cute little fingers?
This pic is proof he's a boy! Notice the arrow pointing at his little treasure! This is from the point of view like you are looking up at his bum and he's sitting on a peice of glass. All you can see is his bum and thighs and little wee-wee.
This one is taken from above you can see his head on the left and his legs crossed.
Probably my favorite one- his single foot sticking out. What precious little feet!

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