Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oh Yeah! Dan Felt The Baby Move!

Saturday Dec. 20th, Dan finally felt the baby kick! The baby has really been moving around a lot lately and I have even felt him from the outside with my hand too, so I have been trying to get Dan to feel him for so long! It seems that every time Dan tried to feel him he would get really, really still. But finally-he gave him a little kick down low, which is usually where he is, and Dan looked up at me and said "Was that him?" I said "Yes it was!"

That was a really special moment. I'm getting more and more excited to meet the little guy....

Speaking of meeting him...Dan and I have decided to wait until we meet him to name him. We have a couple ideas in mind for names, but we really want to meet him first and choose the best fit for him. So we decided we're not telling anyone our names until he's born. Sorry everybody, guess you'll just have to wait.

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