Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oh Yeah! Dan Felt The Baby Move!

Saturday Dec. 20th, Dan finally felt the baby kick! The baby has really been moving around a lot lately and I have even felt him from the outside with my hand too, so I have been trying to get Dan to feel him for so long! It seems that every time Dan tried to feel him he would get really, really still. But finally-he gave him a little kick down low, which is usually where he is, and Dan looked up at me and said "Was that him?" I said "Yes it was!"

That was a really special moment. I'm getting more and more excited to meet the little guy....

Speaking of meeting him...Dan and I have decided to wait until we meet him to name him. We have a couple ideas in mind for names, but we really want to meet him first and choose the best fit for him. So we decided we're not telling anyone our names until he's born. Sorry everybody, guess you'll just have to wait.

Latest Ultrasound at 20 weeks-It's a boy!

This is his profile with his face pointing upwards. Do you see his spine?

Another good profile pic. It looks like there is a light illuminating his face from above.
The orange colored pics are the 3-d ultrasound. They look a little scary because he has not gained much weight yet at this age and it is somewhat strange anyway to be able to see the baby this well in the womb! Do you see his little nose and mouth and chin and eyes?
Here he was rubbing his eyes with his hands. I wish I could show you the video of it because it really is amazing.
Here is his little ear and he's shielding his face with his hand again. Camera shy :)
This is the most precious pic of his little hand. Do you see the cute little fingers?
This pic is proof he's a boy! Notice the arrow pointing at his little treasure! This is from the point of view like you are looking up at his bum and he's sitting on a peice of glass. All you can see is his bum and thighs and little wee-wee.
This one is taken from above you can see his head on the left and his legs crossed.
Probably my favorite one- his single foot sticking out. What precious little feet!

Dan and I with our precious baby boy at 22 weeks

This is me and little babe at 22 weeks. I will be 6 months this week! Time to head into the final trimester!

These are some pictures around our house. It has been snowing for the last four days now!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Yes, it's a boy!

I find it funny that almost every person we called with the news began the conversation by saying, "Wait, let me guess, it's a boy isn't it?" What are you people....psychics? But yes, it is a beautiful, healthy baby boy. We are oh so happy. I had a feeling it was a boy and I was right! Dan was elated. He had convinced himself that it was a girl as we walked into the appointment, just so he could be surprised if it was a boy. It took the lady a while to figure it out in the ultrasound. He was crossing his legs and hiding his little treasure! She actually told us she thought it was a girl at first. It was such an exciting moment though. I didn't cry and neither did Dan. I think we were both just so happy and excited more than anything. The ultrasound pictures are pretty incredible. They did a three dimensional photo session too, which is really quite amazing. You can see his little hands and chin and face. The nurse said that most babies are pretty skinny at this age, so the pictures are a little scary looking at times. I'll have to post them up on here soon. we also taped a video while in the ultrasound and we want to post a clip of that too!

Other than that, I am getting bigger by the day now. It's harder to get up off the couch or out of bed. Dan has to give me a shove to help me up. I feel really great though. I'm not sick anymore-woo hoo! I still go to bed pretty early but I am able to get a lot more done around the house and out running errands. I think this is the best trimester from what I have read and heard. Dan and I have rearranged our living room and put the computer desk out there so we can start working on the baby's room. I'd like to pick out a crib set( blankets and such) and then choose a wall color and theme for the room based off of that. I think Dan and I might go register soon in case anyone wants to buy us baby gifts for Christmas :)

Dan has gotten more sentimental about the baby. I think maybe because I am showing more now. It seems more real. He has been trying to feel our son kick for awhile now, but no luck yet. I think he gets really still when he senses his daddy near. Dan will lay his head on my belly and talk to him. They say that the baby can hear noises outside of the womb now. We have also been singing Christmas songs together and Dan will play the guitar.

No names yet. We're thinking we won't tell if we do pick something out :) We really want to meet him before we name him. April is not so far away now!