Monday, November 24, 2008


"Nesting" is the term used to describe the way pregnant women get when they feel that they must prepare for the baby. It includes organizing everything, cleaning and just getting things ready in general. I think I have started to experience some of this...

It is a very strange and satisfactory kind of feeling. I won't let a dish sit in the sink longer than one night. I know for some of you this may seem silly, but for me-it is quite an accomplishment. I am usually in disgust with the state of our kitchen, being as it is very small and it easily gets dirty and cluttered. But, I normally won't do much about it. I'm being very honest here. Especially all of my first trimester, the smell would make me gag instantly. Now I come home from a long day at work, pretty beat, and what do I want to do? The dishes-and clean every surface in the kitchen to a bright shiny sparkle. Last weekend Dan and I organized the entire kitchen, all the little knick-knacks and such. Then we moved onto the basement and pretty much organized everything to make our second living area, commonly referred to as the "Risk Lair" for you gamers out there. I feel very satisfied when the kitchen is clean. I hope this new desire to clean really sticks with me after all this. I am a changed woman! Dirty dishes here I come!

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