Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oh Yeah! Dan Felt The Baby Move!

Saturday Dec. 20th, Dan finally felt the baby kick! The baby has really been moving around a lot lately and I have even felt him from the outside with my hand too, so I have been trying to get Dan to feel him for so long! It seems that every time Dan tried to feel him he would get really, really still. But finally-he gave him a little kick down low, which is usually where he is, and Dan looked up at me and said "Was that him?" I said "Yes it was!"

That was a really special moment. I'm getting more and more excited to meet the little guy....

Speaking of meeting him...Dan and I have decided to wait until we meet him to name him. We have a couple ideas in mind for names, but we really want to meet him first and choose the best fit for him. So we decided we're not telling anyone our names until he's born. Sorry everybody, guess you'll just have to wait.

Latest Ultrasound at 20 weeks-It's a boy!

This is his profile with his face pointing upwards. Do you see his spine?

Another good profile pic. It looks like there is a light illuminating his face from above.
The orange colored pics are the 3-d ultrasound. They look a little scary because he has not gained much weight yet at this age and it is somewhat strange anyway to be able to see the baby this well in the womb! Do you see his little nose and mouth and chin and eyes?
Here he was rubbing his eyes with his hands. I wish I could show you the video of it because it really is amazing.
Here is his little ear and he's shielding his face with his hand again. Camera shy :)
This is the most precious pic of his little hand. Do you see the cute little fingers?
This pic is proof he's a boy! Notice the arrow pointing at his little treasure! This is from the point of view like you are looking up at his bum and he's sitting on a peice of glass. All you can see is his bum and thighs and little wee-wee.
This one is taken from above you can see his head on the left and his legs crossed.
Probably my favorite one- his single foot sticking out. What precious little feet!

Dan and I with our precious baby boy at 22 weeks

This is me and little babe at 22 weeks. I will be 6 months this week! Time to head into the final trimester!

These are some pictures around our house. It has been snowing for the last four days now!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Yes, it's a boy!

I find it funny that almost every person we called with the news began the conversation by saying, "Wait, let me guess, it's a boy isn't it?" What are you people....psychics? But yes, it is a beautiful, healthy baby boy. We are oh so happy. I had a feeling it was a boy and I was right! Dan was elated. He had convinced himself that it was a girl as we walked into the appointment, just so he could be surprised if it was a boy. It took the lady a while to figure it out in the ultrasound. He was crossing his legs and hiding his little treasure! She actually told us she thought it was a girl at first. It was such an exciting moment though. I didn't cry and neither did Dan. I think we were both just so happy and excited more than anything. The ultrasound pictures are pretty incredible. They did a three dimensional photo session too, which is really quite amazing. You can see his little hands and chin and face. The nurse said that most babies are pretty skinny at this age, so the pictures are a little scary looking at times. I'll have to post them up on here soon. we also taped a video while in the ultrasound and we want to post a clip of that too!

Other than that, I am getting bigger by the day now. It's harder to get up off the couch or out of bed. Dan has to give me a shove to help me up. I feel really great though. I'm not sick anymore-woo hoo! I still go to bed pretty early but I am able to get a lot more done around the house and out running errands. I think this is the best trimester from what I have read and heard. Dan and I have rearranged our living room and put the computer desk out there so we can start working on the baby's room. I'd like to pick out a crib set( blankets and such) and then choose a wall color and theme for the room based off of that. I think Dan and I might go register soon in case anyone wants to buy us baby gifts for Christmas :)

Dan has gotten more sentimental about the baby. I think maybe because I am showing more now. It seems more real. He has been trying to feel our son kick for awhile now, but no luck yet. I think he gets really still when he senses his daddy near. Dan will lay his head on my belly and talk to him. They say that the baby can hear noises outside of the womb now. We have also been singing Christmas songs together and Dan will play the guitar.

No names yet. We're thinking we won't tell if we do pick something out :) We really want to meet him before we name him. April is not so far away now!

Monday, November 24, 2008


"Nesting" is the term used to describe the way pregnant women get when they feel that they must prepare for the baby. It includes organizing everything, cleaning and just getting things ready in general. I think I have started to experience some of this...

It is a very strange and satisfactory kind of feeling. I won't let a dish sit in the sink longer than one night. I know for some of you this may seem silly, but for me-it is quite an accomplishment. I am usually in disgust with the state of our kitchen, being as it is very small and it easily gets dirty and cluttered. But, I normally won't do much about it. I'm being very honest here. Especially all of my first trimester, the smell would make me gag instantly. Now I come home from a long day at work, pretty beat, and what do I want to do? The dishes-and clean every surface in the kitchen to a bright shiny sparkle. Last weekend Dan and I organized the entire kitchen, all the little knick-knacks and such. Then we moved onto the basement and pretty much organized everything to make our second living area, commonly referred to as the "Risk Lair" for you gamers out there. I feel very satisfied when the kitchen is clean. I hope this new desire to clean really sticks with me after all this. I am a changed woman! Dirty dishes here I come!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pregnant Photos- 4 months 2 weeks

The second picture is me being a hot mama! Ha!
(kind of looks like I'm trying to do sit-ups)

Starting to get the bump....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The baby is moving!

I am now 18 weeks, or 4 months and 2 weeks! I have felt the baby move now for awhile but it's becoming a lot more noticeable. It's so cool! Sometimes I forget that's what it is and just think it's gas or something in my stomach. But it is our little baby moving all around. The last time I went in for a check-up the doctor was trying to find the heart beat and she kept laughing and saying that they were kicking and moving so much she could hardly find the heart beat. I guess she/he is an active little one. I can't believe we only have a couple more weeks until we find out if it is a she or a he! December 1st is our next ultrasound. I have a feeling it might be a boy. Usually I call the baby a him without even thinking. There are days though when I'm not quite sure if that is true. Dan wants a boy for the first child, I like boys too. We wouldn't be dissapointed at all if it was a girl though. We will be happy either way. I've had some fun looking at baby stuff online and picking out things for our registry.

I'm pretty much half way there now!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Realization

I think I really feel pregnant now. And I have to admit it's a little bit scary. My stomach is starting to get bigger all of a sudden and I can really tell when I lay down. The little baby pushes on my organs when I lay on my back, and I haven't quite gotten comfortable sleeping on my side yet. It is so different.

Last night I got emotional for the first time about it all. For the most part I have been really happy and have had no real worries. I am extremely happy to be a mom. But last night it all kind of hit me. This is really a real thing. I felt scared. Scared that I WILL have to push this baby out! I know I'm only half way there, but it is becoming a reality very quickly.

I think this is only the beginning of my hormonal mood swings. Poor Dan. He already has to put up with "the beast" (as we affectionately call it) monthly. I think its going to be a crazy ride! Buckle your seat belts!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sick Story

So funny story...Stayed home from work the other day because I was feeling particularly sick that day. I think maybe I had something bad to eat or else it was more of a stomach bug. Anyway, I stayed home most of the day until the evening. I decided that perhaps I would venture out of the house just once as I was getting a pretty bad case of cabin fever. "Yes, I'll just go get a couple things that we need at the grocery." So I get in my car and go to the store. While at the store I start to feel a little sickly and so I decide to get the heck out of dodge. I jump in my car and pull out of the parking lot on my way home. All of a sudden an overwhelming nauseated feeling takes over and I think, "Oh no....I'm really gonna throw up right now." In a scramble I search around my car and find a cup from Wendy's with water in it. While driving I open my window and throw out the water that was left in the cup (pretty much a whole cup full) and the water splashes right back in my face....talk about a wake up call! Unfortunately it didn't help with the oncoming scenario. I proceeded to relieve myself into this little Wendy's cup, while driving in town with cars all around me. The whole time I kept thinking, "don't mind me just um...drinking...out of this cup here." It was definitely a site to see. I don't think that has ever happened to me before. Finally I made it home, cup full of puke and all.

By the way, I'm sorry if I'm being rather crass lately with all this sick stuff. I find it rather humorous actually. It's the best way for me to handle it. I hope you can get a little chuckle out of it too.

Funny side story:
The next day I decided to stop at Walgreens and get some new lotion. I am standing in line for quite some time as there are a lot of people there waiting to check out too. I pop open the top of the lotion to get a whiff. And it literally explodes all up in my nose! Like, not just a light spray but a full on explosion into my nostrils! I quickly try to wipe it out and off of my face which proved to be much more difficult without a tissue. I stepped up to the cashier and tried to look down and hide that fact that there was gobs of white lotion dripping out of my nose! Oh my...the predicaments I get myself into.

Friday, October 24, 2008

First Ultrasound

12 Weeks 6 days
This experience was unlike any I've ever had. Everyone always says how incredible it is to hear the baby's heart beat and see the baby moving inside of you, but I guess until you experience it you really just don't know.
I am not showing too much, especially when this was taken and so the fact that it only took her a couple of seconds to find this big (at least on the screen) baby moving all around was unbelievable. The pictures really do not do it justice. On the screen the little babe was jumping and turning and kicking and you could see his little toes and fingers and his head and heart pumping. Even when I laughed you could see the whole baby move up and down. It was an awe inspiring moment. God has truly given us a gift. What a creator he is....that he lets us join in the joy of sharing that responsibility. For a moment you catch a glimpse of something far bigger and more powerful than yourself and you can't help but be moved to tears.
Dan was sitting at the end of the bed and he kept grabbing my leg and saying "Oh my gosh there's a baby in there!" As though we didn't know! Needless to say he was excited.

In the second picture you can see the baby's toes and feet. See it?

In the third picture you can see his little elbow bent like he was sucking his thumb.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Here I am with little babe! This is three months.

I am now 15 weeks almost 4 months! Wow, time flies. I'll post another picture at the four month mark. I still don't think I am showing that much, although my pants don't fit too well anymore. Who knew maternity pants would be so comfy? Why don't we all wear these things- all the time? You know...after a big meal, or that time of month....I think all us women would be that much happier if we all wore MATERNITY pants!

I am starting to get back more energy now and I have felt less sick!!! Hooray! Thank you Jesus!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Morning" sickness...?

It's 5:00pm in the evening and I'm staring out the windows of my little office in downtown St. Joe. No one is here besides me. I am enjoying the silence and the golden autumn sunshine that is streaming in beside me.

It's so nice to have a moment to just think...I've been staying pretty busy lately with work all day and sometimes nights (like tonight). And also sleeping like crazy. I usually start to fall asleep around 8pm, if not right after eating dinner. It's been great! I have an excuse to sleep! I love sleep. There's nothing more satisfying than slipping into the cool soft sheets. I get so excited sometimes I can't help myself. I giggle and laugh out loud and sigh with contentment. Dan makes fun of me for how excited I get. But if anyone loves sleep as much as I do- it's him! Is it so wrong for two people to love sleep so much?!?!? Sometimes we'll skip going out just to stay in and snuggle in our huge, comfy down comforter. I think we should definitely take every single chance we get to get some shut eye while we can. I hear these babies like to keep people up at night.

At the moment I am 15 weeks along, almost four months. Up until now I've been battling a bad case of "morning" sickness- although it's more than just "morning". I know that every woman goes through this with their pregnancies, but let me just tell ya, it is NOT FUN. And I do not like it. I just need to vent here because I think it will help me feel better. I get sick almost every morning, sometimes I don't actually puke (dry-heave) and other days I puke a few times. It's the worst feeling, especially when I am in the middle of trying to take a shower and get ready to make it out the door on time for work. If I could just stay in bed 'til it passes...which I have done a couple of times it would help. And then I was all excited to eat my frosted mini-wheats, which is always the first thing I do in the morning now-because I am starving...and there they go! Then I'll eat something else when I'm done because I am just so dang hungry and welp, there that goes! Geez!

Then all day at work I have to fight the urge to gag and run to the bathroom anytime I smell anything! Especially the dirty kids that I work with. Whew, if I catch a whiff of dirty hair it's all over! While in the bathroom the nasty air freshener that comes on automatically anytime someone opens the door makes me want to gag even more.

Finally I come home to my cozy little smelly house. Everything smells. I can't cook anymore because the smell of raw chicken and everything else is disgusting. Plus, our house is so small that anything on the stove or in the oven fills the whole house with stench. Even a good smell can become a stench to me. So I sit there all evening wishing it was 8pm so I can go to sleep and not notice the fact that I am constantly wanting to go throw-up and never get relief!

Whew. I feel better already...I hope and pray that this will be gone soon as I am almost to the fourth month! I already respect you mother's out there more than I ever have, just for that!

On a lighter note...I am enjoying the idea of becoming a mom! I didn't realize that I was so excited to have kids until this happened. I always knew I wanted them, but I just feel "ready". Ready to take on this new challenge. Dan and I are in a good place right now financially, at least compared to the past, and I think it is just time. Dan is pretty excited too which makes me happy. I think he will be the best dad.

That's all for now, I'll report more later.